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The '''British Ornithologists' Union''' ('''BOU''') aims to encourage the study of birds ("ornithology") in Great Britain|Britain, Europe and around the world, in order to understand their biology and to aid their conservation biology|conservation. The BOU was founded in 1858 by Professor Alfred Newton, Henry Baker Tristram and other scientists. Its quarterly journal, ''Ibis (journal)|Ibis'', has been published since 1859. The Records Committee (BOURC) is a committee of the BOU established to maintain the British List, the official list of birds recorded in Great Britain. BOU is headquartered in Peterborough and is a Charitable organization|registered charity in England & Wales and Scotland.
Formation{{Start date and age|1858}}
PurposeOrnithological research
Leader titlePresident
Leader nameProf Jenny Gill
University of East Anglia
Key peopleAlfred Newton (founder)
Main organCouncil of Trustees
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